X-Men Poster #160 Jubilee Juggernaut Archangel Havok Polaris by Salvador Larroca


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Wolverine, Havok, Polaris, Northstar, Archangel, Husk, Iceman, Jubileee and Juggernaut winding up the “Fastball Special” using Nightcrawler! Warren Worthingtons’s wings are mutilated during the Mutant Massacre by the Marauder Harpoon, although Thor’s intervention saves his life. When the wings develop gangrene, Cameron Hodge willfully signs the paperwork, against Angel’s wishes, to have Warren’s crippled wings amputated. Despondent over the loss of his wings, Warren escapes the hospital and commandeers his private jet, which explodes in the air as the rest of X-Factor watch helplessly from below. It is ultimately revealed that Hodge has sabotaged Warren’s ultra-light airplane in order to finish off his nemesis, under the cover of an apparent suicide. However, seconds before the explosion, Warren is spirited away by the ancient mutant Apocalypse. Apocalypse offers the despondent Angel a deal: serve him as his Horseman Death and get his wings back. Apocalypse subjects Angel to extensive genetic alterations, giving him blue skin and organic metal wings, which can cut through almost anything and can fire his metal feathers as projectiles. He also gives him the title of Death, the leader of his Horsemen after he beats the others in a fight, complete with extensive mental conditioning to make him obey Apocalypse’s dark plans.

Near mint condition.