X-Men Pin-up FRAMED #35 All-New by Jack Kirby Unus Jean Grey Cyclops Iceman


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Iceman Marvel Girl Cyclops Angel Beast vs Unus! Unus the Untouchable is a mutant that possessed the power to generate a field of invisible psionic energy around his body. The field acts to deflect objects and even energy beams, and can withstand great concussive force. Normally, Unus can control the force field at will. Normally, certain types of radiant energy, such as sunlight, can pass through the field, as do air and sound waves (at least within certain unknown limits). Unus has deflected beams of energy, objects of high mass, objects traveling at high speed and telepathy, including that of Charles Xavier. Unus was at one point vulnerable to the Beast’s ray gun that augmented his force field power beyond his control;in later years Unus’s power again became uncontrollable due to unknown reasons, finally repelling air molecules. Unus’s force field was not impenetrable, and could be disrupted by a sufficiently powerful force. The Incredible Hulk did this on two occasions, the first time by simply shattering it with a punch enhanced by his anger. When they battled again in Australia during the House of M crossover, the Hulk created a sonic boom by clapping his hands, which resonated with Unus’s force field and cause shockwaves that stunned the villain. Although it was temporarily disrupted, the force field would eventually regenerate itself. Unus is also an athletic man and an expert wrestler. Unus sometimes carried a baseball bat, which, when encased in his force field, can deliver blows with superhuman force.

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