X-Force Poster # 3 by Adam Pollina Caliban Shatterstar (Thunderbird?, Caliban, Sunspot, Shatterstar, Boom Boom, Cable and Domino)


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Thunderbird, Caliban, Sunspot, Shatterstar, Boomer, Cable and Domino! X-Force emerged from the Age of Apocalypse event with a new creative team of writer Jeph Loeb and illustrator Adam Pollina, who significantly revised the team with issue #44. Loeb introduced new team uniforms, had the team move in with the X-Men at the X-Mansion, and placed emphasis on character-driven stories with fewer fight scenes. Rictor quit the team and Cannonball joined the X-Men. Caliban, a super-strong albino mutant who possessed the mind of a child, joined the team. Loeb’s stories included revelations about Shatterstar’s origin and the transformation of Boomer (formerly Boom Boom) into the more aggressive Meltdown.

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