X-Force 13 NM X-Men 1992 Fabian Nicieza Cable Domino Shatterstar Movie


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X-Force (1991 1st Series) #13

Published Aug 1992 by Marvel.

Cover pencils by Mark Pacella, inks by Dan Panosian. Everything Hits the Fan starring Cable, Domino [Vanessa; Copycat], Cannonball, Shatterstar, Warpath, Boom Boom, Siryn, Feral, Sunspot, Domino, G.W. Bridge, Rictor, Yeti [Wendigo], Tygerstryke, Weapon X [Kane], Grizzly, Gideon, Tolliver, and Pico, script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Mark Pacella, inks by Dan Panosian; Weapon Prime takes on X-Force. 36 pgs.

Near mint, 1st printing. Check description for more pictures.