Wolverine Legends Volume 4 X-Isle TP Bruce Jones Jorge Lucas NM 1st print X-Men Movie


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WOLVERINE LEGENDS Vol 4: XISLE TPB – (Bruce Jones/Jorge Lucas)

Intending to spend a rare carefree moment at a carnival with his stepdaughter Amiko, Wolverine shows a violent side of himself that sends the young girl running in fear. Unable to face what he’s done, Logan is propelled into a soul-searching adventure he may not be able to escape.

Collects the 5-issue Wolverine Xisle limited series.
120 pgs.

Bruce Jones and Jorge Lucas take a leisurely approach leading us into X-Isle, although the central premise is discussed early on a museum tour Logan’s taking with his foster daughter Amiko. The museum not to his liking, they head to the carnival instead. It doesn’t go well, and he wakes up on the beach of a deserted island with a message written in the sand challenging him to get out of this one.

Subsequent events play out inexplicably. Wolverine had already seemed to have lost some of his natural skills at the carnival, and on the island it seems as if he can’t rely on his senses either. Jones concocts a captivating sequence of strange occurrences.

Lucas provides some fine distraction. Monsters, great scenery, an attractive woman and the carnival are all beautifully drawn with no skimping on detail. It’s not greatly removed from Barry Windsor-Smith, although not quite as delicate. That’s no great problem, especially in scenes of Wolverine slashing away at a giant beast whose claws are equally savage.

Collects Wolverine X-Isle 1-5. Near mint, 1st print.