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Wizard 163 Batman Crisis Revenge Mike Mayhew Cvr 2 (1) (JLA Infinite Crisis article, Greg Pak interview, Terry Moore Vampirella article, Absolute Watchmen article, Fantastic Four Movie director interview, Sentry article, Guy Gardner article, Christian Bale Batman Begins interview, Avengers Tower article, 7 coolest Star Wars comics of all time, Infinite Crisis article, Ultimates 2 Millar and Hitch interview, Adam West article, Alex Ross art gallery, Eric Wight interview, Tom Cruise interview, Captain America Ed Brubaker article, Jack Staff article)

I bought a lot of Toyfare magazines from a collector. He bought each issue, read it and then put it back in the polybag with all the contents and then bagged and boarded it. This is an issue from that lot. Near mint condition.