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Wizard 152 Catwoman Movie Cvr Halle Berry (1) (Hal Jordan returns article, Wachowski’s launch Burly Man entertainment, Spider-Man article, Joe Quesada answers Marvel fans’ burning questions, Top 10 comrades in comics, Identity Crisis article, Wizard polls fans to find out what they think about the current X-books, Image publishes new talent, Rob Van Dam interview, Alfred Molina Spider-Man 2 movie diary, Sneak peek at the Catwoman movie set, Astonishing X-Men article and 5 page preview, Dave Cockrum article, Justice League Unlimited animated article, Ennis on the Punisher video game, Ghost in the Shell article, Outsiders article, Seamonsters and Superheroes article, John Cassaday checklist, Evan Dorkin checklist, 14 things you didn’t know about Punisher)

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