Wizard 138 Battle of the Planets Thundercats Alex Ross Michael Turner Kia Asamiya


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Wizard 138 Battle of the Planets Thundercats Cvr Alex Ross Art (1) (Michael Turner forms own publishing company, Rawhide Kid controversy article, Battle of the Planets/Thunderbolts article and 7 page preview, Call of Duty article and 6 page preview, Smallville article, Kia Asamiya X-Men article, Hellboy article, Jeph Loeb interview, Jeph Loeb Tim Sale checklist, Wizard selects best and worst Rogue’s galleries, X-Men 2 movie photo gallery, Spider-Man video game checklist, Marvel Manga article, Geoff John’s Avengers article, Interman article, Daredevil checklist, Bendis Q+A)

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