Witchblade Poster # 6 WATERDAMAGEIan Nottingham by Randy Green


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The following poster has slight water damage. Water got on it at some point and the pages stuck together, causing there to be a spot. On some it’s hardly noticable…if you plan to hang it up you’ll probably never notice. Item has been priced accordingly. Ian Nottingham is a character from the Witchblade comic and television series, an assassin once employed by Kenneth Irons. Nottingham is of British and of Native American descent. He was once a captain in the British Special Air Service, later working for MI5. He underwent behavioural modifications so he could go deep undercover, but the conditioning caused him to forget his past, and he became a bodyguard for Kenneth Irons. Initially, Nottingham was described as being raised from childhood to be the perfect warrior, learning several forms of combat and studying Sun Tzu’s Art of War. These are later explained as false memories from the behavioural modification. Irons employed the adult Nottingham, with a seven-figure salary and access to Irons’ extensive laserdisc collection. While in Irons’ employ, he became romantically involved with NYC Police Detective Sara Pezzini (wielder of the Witchblade, which Irons covets). Their relationship is often troubled by a basic clash in personalities; Pezzini tends to be impulsive and hot-headed, whereas Nottingham is cold and calculating. He ordered the death of Pezzini’s partner in Witchblade #01. He remained infatuated with her even after she told him to “get a life” when he revealed his love for her. Pezzini’s rejection drove Nottingham back to Irons until he became concerned for her safety again. Although they have faced each other in battle, many times due to Nottingham being driven to the brink of madness by the Witchblade, he has also protected her with his life and aided her throughout the series. In the latest update, Nottingham was still in prison after having been arrested by Pezzini on two separate occasions. The first time occurred after using her to kill a Yakuza mob boss; he escaped, only to be sent back after being defeated by Pezzini in a fight.

Water damage not seen in photos.