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WHISPERS SC (IMAGE COMICS) A mentally troubled man is suddenly empowered with the ability to leave his physical body in ghost form and manipulate people in unusual ways. With this incredible power, will he control his demons…or discover even more? Joshua Luna of the Luna Brothers (Ultra, Girls, The Sword) makes a solo debut with a dark, supernatural thriller that questions free will and explores the obsessions and urges we all have and may not have control of at all. Collects Whispers #1-6. [(W/A/CA) Joshua Luna]

Paperback: 154 pages

Sam, a mentally troubled man, is suddenly empowered with the ability to leave his physical body in “ghost” form and manipulate people in strange and disturbing ways.

Luna typically works with his brother, Jonathan Luna, and Whispers is his first solo work. The story comes from Luna’s fascination with the concepts of free will and control. He handles all duties in its creation, including writing, penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring.

Sam, who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, visits his ex-girlfriend Lily and her friends to help comfort her about her father, who is in a coma. He shares with them a dream he had where her father claimed to be happy.

That night, Sam discovers his spirit can leave his body and visit others. During these visits, he can hear people’s thoughts and manipulate their decisions. He visits his mother, whom he persuades not to contact him. He then visits an old girlfriend, Vannessa, accidentally putting her in danger from her drug dealer. He decides to visit Lily to get closure from their failed relationship, but is unable to follow through. As he leaves her apartment, he encounters an evil presence which causes him to wake.

Sam tries to tell Lily about his abilities, but she does not believe him. When he returns home, he meets a friendly neighbor woman who does believe him, and she encourages him to investigate the evil presence further. That night, Sam does, and he discovers it to be a monster disguised as a human.

Great book with a strong premise. His first solo project away from his brother was very impressive, Joshua Luna is a very talented man and the concept out outer body experiences during sleep is something that has always fascinated me.

After breaking into graphic novels as the writer of Ultra and going on to such titles as Girls and The Sword, Luna makes his debut as a solo writer/artist, telling the story of a young man with OCD-Cleanliness disorder who suddenly begins to fly in his dreams—ending up with real people and real places. Finding himself able to nudge people’s existing thoughts into action, Sam Webber struggles with the why and how of his power as demons—both in his mind and outside of it—make him question his place in the real world. But soon innocent people are brought into the spiraling fight against said demons, and as Sam’s dreaming-waking world blends together, he learns what helping others—and helping yourself—really is. A sophisticated tale depicting the struggles and deceptions of obsession, this book is heavy but strikes the right chord. The artwork is clean and concise, yet carries a lot of emotional detail, with the dream sequences breaking into more amazing vistas.


Near mint, 1st print. Collects Whispers 1-6.