Vampirella Poster # 8 by Mike Mayhew Bats


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Mike Mayhew has rapidly become a legend in the comic industry, and has a place in my all time top ten Vampirella artists. He has become a world-renowned illustrator responsible for some of the most exciting images in comics today. His work has been seen in Marvel Comics, Wizard Magazine, and Upper Deck trading cards as well as the Vampirella Monthly series. Specialising in photo-realism, and intense rendering of dynamic subjects, his techniques range from digital colour over hand-drawn pencil art, to traditional painting using acrylic and brush. Mike began his art career in 1992 where he did interior pencil art for DC Comics, and in 1993 he began working on Zorro for Topps Comics. In 2000, he became the regular series artist on Harris Comic’s Vampirella, revolutionising interior comic art with full pencil rendering. It was during this period that Mike’s painting skills developed while doing the title’s painted covers. I think it is fair to say that it was Mike’s vision of Vampirella that catapulted him from being an “up and coming” artist to one of the most sought after artists today.

Near mint condition.