Transformers Poster #28 Dinobots VS Blitzwing and Astrotrain Pat Lee Grimlock Swoop


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Blitzwing and Astrotrain vs the Dinobots: Swoop, Slag, Grimlock, Snarl and Sludge! The Dinobots are a rowdy, arrogant, lowbrow, disobedient band of warriors/godless killing machines that some Autobots would rather scrap than deal with. They’re also one of the most devastatingly powerful and close-knit combat units in the Autobot army, being incredibly powerful in robot mode and taking alternate modes based on dinosaurs, the most powerful creatures to ever roam the Earth. Most of them dislike Optimus Prime, so whether or not they follow the Autobot leader’s orders depends on what those orders are. If it’s to destroy stuff, they’re down with that. If it’s to help people, it kinda depends on what the weather is like. It was established that Grimlock once commanded a splinter faction of Autobots known as the Lightning Strike Coalition, which included the Dynobots. It was also established that following this, these five robots used the Cybertronian designation “Dynobots”. Some Autobots wonder why Grimlock is even on their side. Dim-witted and sluggish, his disposition is much more suited to the Decepticons. After all, he values power and strength over wisdom and compassion, and furthermore, he doesn’t really get along with most Autobots. When faced with a problem, his usual responses are to slice it with his energo-sword, tear it to pieces with his bare hands, or outright eat it. He is more willing to accept casualties than most of the Autobot leadership, and doesn’t seem particularly concerned about the fleshies either. These things, coupled with his dislike of Optimus Prime, have led to a defection or two on Grimlock’s part. He’d have no problem offing the Autobot leader if he thought he could get away with it, though. What the Autobots don’t realize is that the only thing he hates more than weakness is those who abuse their strength, meaning when push comes to shove, Grimlock will always fall in on the right side of the fence. And despite their disagreements, Grimlock holds a respect for Prime’s strength and leadership. Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots, a small but powerful strike squad. Grimlock himself is extremely strong and durable, and is one of the few Transformers who can not only stand toe-to-toe with Optimus Prime and Megatron, but actually give them a run for their money. Despite his strength and prowess, Grimlock continually struggles with his pronouns. “Me Grimlock no bozo, me King!” —Grimlock, Transformers: The Movie.

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