Transformers Poster #20 Hot Rod Arcee Kup Sharkticon Pat Lee Animated Movie


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The Sharkticon Gnaw, Springer, Arcee, Kup, Hot Rod and Overdrive vs Optimus Prime! Optimus Prime (last seen being both rescued and attacked by a Sharkticon), wakes up to see the Sharkticon’s face again. Panicked and unaware of his location, Optimus strikes out at the Sharkticon while Blurr and Wheelie quickly and ineffectively try to detain the elder Autobot. Before anyone can be seriously hurt, Hot Rod arrives and forces Prime (at gunpoint) to relax. Then Kup shows up and lays it on the line. “Can’t you see that you’re pointin’ your peashooters in the face of the greatest Autobot of all time?!” —Kup to Hot Rod who is holding Optimus Prime at bay. Kup gives Optimus Prime a tour of the resistance group’s base, introducing Arcee. Sharkticons are big, dumb, plentiful and voracious—in short, perfect soldiers for the Quintessons. It’s not unusual for the Quintessons to throw their captives into a big tank full of the feisty nippers after a mock trial just for chuckles. Though individual Sharkticons are not especially durable, like piranha, they swarm in en masse and can devour a full-sized robot in a few seconds with their razor-sharp teeth and claws. One notable Sharkticon is Gnaw, friend to the young Autobot Wheelie.

Near mint condition.