Transformers Poster #18 Sunstorm by Don Figueroa Generation One Energon Universe


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Sunstorm announces his new goal—to burn the corruption of the planet out of the universe. An irradiated Decepticon Seeker with a built in fusion reactor, Sunstorm believes he was sent by a higher power. He’s unable to stop his power to emit powerful heat and electromagnetic waves. Sunstorm is an experiment of Shockwave’s to put a solar-powered fusion reactor into a Decepticon. He possesses the power to manipulate electromagnetic energy. Shockwave’s experiments to fit a solar-powered fusion reactor into cloned Decepticon warriors reached their fruition in Sunstorm, a clone of the treacherous Starscream. Sunstorm’s structure has been augmented to endure the enormous stresses involved. He was the perfect soldier; he possessed the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy, enhanced regenerative capabilities, and a blank slate of a mind waiting to be written according to Shockwave’s design. “Who am I? I am the presence anointed to carry forth the light. The original light, that which has no beginning and no end. Its searing heat shall purify the earth… purging this world of all flaws, and preparing it for what lies ahead.” —Sunstorm.

Near mint condition.