Transformers Poster #15 Sunstreaker and Sideswipe vs the Insecticons Don Figueroa


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The screams of Bumper bring the entire infiltration team back together, where the human soldiers recover from being ambushed by something that leaves a green residue on them. Sideswipe heads into the theater to back up Bumper. After Sunstreaker heads inside after his brother they are surrounded by hundreds of Insecticons! The Insecticons are a group of insectoid troublemakers that Megatron trusts as far as he can throw Devastator. The Insecticons also display a wide array of unique abilities including eating both organic and inorganic matter for energy, creating clones of themselves, weather control, and cerebro-shells. The most commonly-seen group of Insecticons includes: Shrapnel (usually the trio’s leader), Bombshell, Kickback. A second Insecticon team includes: Venom (team leader), Barrage, Chop Shop and Ransack. Sunstreaker knows to the core of his spark that he is better than any other Autobot, and he makes sure everyone else knows it, too. His sociopathic tendencies, combined with his incredible vanity and arrogance, usually result in tension between himself and the other Autobots. He is generally unwilling to help those who are having trouble keeping up, and is quite audible when it comes to complaining about the shortcomings of everyone else. The only Autobot he truly gets along with is his twin brother, Sideswipe, and even that can seem strained at times. The main reason Optimus Prime keeps him around is most likely Sunstreaker’s effectiveness in the battlefield. Ruthless and skilled in all forms of combat, there is not much Sunstreaker cannot handle. Sideswipe is not nearly as much of a sociopath as his brother Sunstreaker, but he is every bit as skillful. He’s more into battle for the sport of it. A bit of a jock, Sideswipe most craves a glorious fight to the finish as a test of his mettle. There is a reckless edge to Sideswipe’s tactics. He makes rash decisions that may endanger him, all in the name of possible victory. Cheating is also not out of the question. When everything is on the line, for Sideswipe, nothing is out of the question. Over time, his reckless attitude has not changed. However, his cause has; once in it solely for the glory, now he’s driven by the desire to defend freedom and the innocent.

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