Toyfare 29 Darkchylde Evil Ryu Cover Bagged and Boarded


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Toyfare (1997) #29A
Published Jan 2000 by Wizard.

EXCLUSIVE limited edition DARKCHYLDE action figure offer from Moore Action Collectibles! The legendary Headless Horseman from the forthcoming Tim Burton motion picture, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow makes its terrifying debut on the cover to ToyFare: The Toy Magazine #29. McFarlane Toys has done it again, joined-up with another upcoming blockbuster film and produced a dazzling line intricately sculpted action figures. Just like the McFarlane figures for Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and The X-Files, this new set of toys will amaze collectors and movie fans alike. All of these cool movie toys has got us thinking about the toys we’d like to see made. Figures from movies like The Road Warrior, Blade Runner, Pulp Fiction, Army of Darkness and so on. We’ll even get an up and coming artist/sculptor to design us prototypes. Remember how the Slave Leia from Return of the Jedi got made? We aggressively pushed for it in our pages and the dream came true. Lets do it again! Just in time for the holiday season, ToyFare shows you how to make the ultimate Holiday gift?your best friend as an action figure! This detailed feature will go over designing, sculpting, making clothing and packaging. It’s not that hard! Don’t miss it! “Twisted Mego Theatre” will run amuck with another hilarious episode and “Toy Story” looks back at The Thundercats. Plus, get your monthly dose of “Big Shots,” “Sneak Peeks” and “The Monkey Report” with a look at the latest in monkey and gorilla-based figures. ToyFare has the most complete full-color action figure price guide (with all of the hottest new Phantom Menace and classic Star Wars toy prices), toy news and updates along with all-new Star Wars toy info. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual toy fan or an obsessive super-collector, you can’t afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The Toy Magazine! EXCLUSIVES & CONTESTS: *EXCLUSIVE limited edition DARKCHYLDE action figure offer from Moore Action Collectibles! Ariel Child from Randy Queen’s Darkchylde comic book is finally immortalized as an action figure and ToyFare #29 is the only place to get the limited edition of this hot figure! *FREE Transformers Beast Machines Toy Booklet with all of the latest info on the hottest Transformers toy line to ever hit shelves! Get this ONLY in ToyFare! *WIN a the first set of painted Darkchylde action figures from Moore Action Collectibles out of the factory in China. These “first-shot” figures will be signed by super-sculptors Clayburn Moore and the Shifflett brothers! As a special bonus comic artist Randy Queen will supply the original artwork used to create the new toy packaging!

Near mint condition.