Thor #376 vs Absorbing Man Walter Simonson Sal Buscema Titania Loki Enchantress


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Thor (1962-1996 1st Series Journey Into Mystery) #376
Published Feb 1987 by Marvel.

Cover by Walt Simonson. “Heroes Always Win – Don’t They?”, script by Walt Simonson, art by Sal Buscema; Thor realizes that he is facing the real Absorbing Man; Suddenly, Titania appears and begins to attack Thor as well; Thor backhands her, accidentally breaking her neck, enraging the Absorbing Man; But what Creel doesn’t realize is that it’s not Titania, it’s another altered human. Thor has no choice but to flee, afraid of striking back for killing anyone else; And it’s all on the news for everyone to see; In Asgard, Loki continues telling the giants of his plan, while Balder oversees the sheathing of Twilight; Back on Earth, Thor continues to dodge the Absorbing Man, while news crews get it all on film; Loki creates a potion and prepares to unleash it on Asgard, while Heimdall consoles Amora. Bullpen Bulletins. 36 pgs., full color.

Very good condition. 1st print.