Thor #19 NM Dan Jurgens John Romita Jr Odin Scarlet Witch Loki Mephisto


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Thor (1998-2004 2nd Series) #19
Published Jan 2000 by Marvel.

Enchanters Saga: Part 5 of 5. “Deviant Life!” Guest-starring the Scarlet Witch. Story by Dan Jurgens. Art by Michael Ryan and Klaus Jansen. Trapped in the belly of a great beast, Thor and Odin will need the help of the fair Scarlet Witch if they are to escape and vanquish the Enchanters once and for all. Meanwhile, Loki, the God of Evil, pays a visit to the infernal realm of Mephisto. Includes the 8-page insert “Fast Lane: Feel the Rush!” Part 2 of 4. Starring Spider-Man. Story by Glenn Herdling. Art by Gregg Schigiel and Richard Case.

Spine slightly rounded…might work itself out if stored properly. 1st printing.