The Crow # 4 NM Image Comics Jon J Muth Tommy Lee Edwards 1st print


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Crow (1999 Image) #4
Published May 1999 by Image.

Written by Jon J. Muth, art by Tommy Lee Edwards. Cover by Kent Williams.

James O’Barr’s phenomenally successful vision of revenge, undenied even by death, returns in this series from Todd McFarlane Productions. The Crow has engendered comics, books, movies, and a television show, making this character one of the most well-known comic creations of recent origin.

Subsequent incarnations of the Crow, (The Crow: Dead Time for example), told tales of the spirit of vengeance visited on different souls who were the victims of a violent death, but this series returns to the original Eric Draven character and reexamines the origin of the Crow.

Renowned artist Jon J. Muth, (Moonshadow), has taken up the writing chores, and weaves a moody, introspective narrative which suggests that Draven’s desire for revenge is not the reason for his return from death after all.

A remake was announced with Bill Skarsgård set to star as Draven and Rupert Sanders directing. FKA Twigs had been cast as Draven’s fiancée. On September 16, 2022, the film wrapped production.

Few stresses to spine. 1st print.