Superstar Facts & Pics Magazine #24 Fantazone Terminator 2 Bill and Ted Rocketeer


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Fantazone #24
Published 1991 by D.S. Publishing

“Superstar Facts & Pics.”

Rocketeer pin-up on inside front cover, 3 page article on Adventures of Superboy’s Stacy Haiduk, Robocop pin-up, Robocop 3 article, 2 page Suburban Commando article, 4 page interview w/ make-up artist John Buechler from Freddy Dies: The Final Nightmare, 4 page article on The Terminator, 4 page article on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 3 page Robin Hood Prince of Thieves article, 4 page article on Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, 3 page interview w/ Wes Craven for Shocker, Predator / Arnold Schwarzenegger pin-up, 4 page article on the films of Arnold, 4 page article on Ted A Bohus and Filmline Communications, 3 page article on Disney’s The Rocketeer, Batman movie pin-up w/ art by Salvatore Graci, early Batman Returns article, 4 page article on Terminator comics, a Bill & Ted pin-up on inside back cover, a Terminator 2 pin-up on back cover and much more!

8-1/8 in. x 10-7/8 in.; part color, part black and white; 64 pages on slick paper. Cover price $2.95.


Minor stresses to spine. Otherwise in unread condition. More pictures may be in description (which it is suggested you read!)