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Superman vs. Aliens TPB Dan Jurgens, Kevin Nowlan. He came to earth in a rocket, a strange visitor from another planet. Now, years later, signals from space could be the beginning of a trail to his home planet Krypton. Can anything stop a man of steel from discovering his long-lost heritage? Can anything stand between a Superman and that which he longs for most? How about the most feared and deadly species in the galaxy? Superman/Aliens is definitely one of the finest examples of the Dark Horse/DC versus crossovers. Combined with great story telling, great artwork, and many twists, this is one of the finer examples of crossover writing. When a chunk of what appears to be Krypton is discovered drifting deep in outer space, Superman takes it upon himself to investigate, through means of Lex Luthor’s space program, no less. What he finds there is a horror beyond all imagination…what remaining people there were are long dead…victims of monstrosities beyond the likes of which Superman has ever seen. With only one survivor there, his means of escape destroyed and his powers diminishing from being away from the yellow sun of Earth, hope fades fast for Superman and the lone survivor ‘Kara’. When a shocking turn of events overtakes them both, what will happen to the man of steel in the end? This book has many great twists in the story, and the horror of the Aliens is very real…despite all his powers, Superman is quickly becoming weak, and the Aliens are quickly becoming a match even for Superman. There is a sense of urgency and dread throughout the entire book, and the great writing will keep you glued to the pages all the way through the end. This is the best DH/DC crossover to feature Superman yet, and I highly recommend it to any fan of Superman, Aliens and DH/DC crossovers. You will not regret it!

2nd print, book has wear, see pictures.