Street Fighter x G.I. Joe 4 NM Nelson Daniel Subscription Variant Cover IDW Jinx


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Street Fighter X GI Joe (2016 IDW) #4SUB Subscription Variant Cover

Published May 2016 by IDW Publishing
Written by Aubrey Sitterson
Art by Emilio Laiso
Cover by Nelson Daniel
32 pages, full color

The World Warrior Tournament enters the finals, and M. Bison will stop at nothing to be the last one standing! Can the Street Fighters and G.I. JOE stop the Shadaloo dictator before he takes the top spot?

Jinx defeats Rufus and Candy’s romantic attention is diverted to Roadblock. Guile, listening to orders from an unidentified source, battles M. Bison and purposefully misses with his Sonic Hurricane to further damage the Psycho Drive. The final match is set, Jinx will face M.Bison.

The story sees Destro and Bison bringing together Cobra and Shadaloo in an unholy alliance that only the combined might of World Warriors and the Joes stand a chance of stopping.

Welcome back to Street Fighter X GI Joe. Our last issue saw the end of the quarter-finals in which Rufus got a huge upset over Snake Eyes, Jinx managed to take down Hakan, M. Bison defeated Storm Shadow, and Guile stole the show by delivering a flying back breaker to a fully grown crocodile. In today’s issue, it’s time for the semi-finals to take place.

Rufus enters the match wearing a pink bathrobe lined with fur. Candy clings to his back. Jinx, who studied under the Blind Master, puts on a blindfold. Rufus attacks and misses. Jinx goads Rufus. Guile expresses concern of Jinx’s arrogance. Ryu reassures Guile that Jinx is not displaying arrogance but is displaying confidence.

Jinx disables Rufus by attacking his pressure points. As Jinx slowly defeats Rufus, Candy turns her amorous attentions to Roadblock. When Candy’s full attention becomes focused on Roadblock and not the match, Guile understands Jinx’s methodology. Ryu agrees with what has transpired. Jinx forces Rufus to forfeit and tap out. Immediately after the match Rufus denies he tapped.

The wounded Cammy is held back by Chun Li as M. Bison is attended to by beautiful assistants in similar garb to Cammy. He is getting ready for his match with Guile but taunts Cammy none the less. M. Bison and Guile begin their match. At first Bison does not use the Psycho Drive. Guile puts on the pressure and Bison turns on the drive.

An unidentified voice which balks at being called “sir” by Guile tells Guile not to be a hero and to follow orders.

Cammy and Chun Li watch as Bison tosses Guile into a VAMP. Bison follows the attack with a move and misses. Guile counter attacks with a Sonic Hurricane. Cammy is shocked as Guile misses and the blast hits the Psycho Drive. Bison picks up a car door and strikes Guile with it, winning the match.

Bison complains to Destro about shoddy workmanship on the again damaged Psycho Drive. Ryu tells Guile he knows following the order to miss could not have been easy.

Cammy, confused as to why Guile threw the match, asks which side he is on. Jinx will now face M. Bison in the final match as planned by the Joes and Street Fighters.

And so our comic ends with Jinx and Bison staring each other down as the final match will soon begin.

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