Starship Troopers Dead Man’s Hand 1 NM Cover C Markosia Tony Lee 1st print Movie


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Starship Troopers Dead Mans Hand (2006 Markosia) #1C

Published Jul 2006 by Markosia
“Cover C”
Writer: Tony Lee
Penciller: Neil D. Edwards
Inker: John Feeney
Colorist: Kieran Oats

Following the explosive ending to Blaze of Glory (Book 1), Will Tanner and Tamari’s Tigers are back in action once more. But after corrupt Sergeant Lock vows revenge on Tanner, he finds himself the target of an assassin – and a friend pays the ultimate price. And at the end only one man will stand triumphant – but will it be Will?

The Starship Troopers are back in the thick of it once again. With Sergeant Lock imprisoned for murder, Will Tanner’s Tamari’s Tigers are sent on their next mission. When accidents that can not be explained happen, Will realizes that someone wants him dead, and will do so at any cost including the safety of his friends.

You’ve read the book. You’ve watched the TV series. You’ve seen the movie. You know by heart the tale of Rico, Dizzy, and Carmen. But in the war against the bugs, there is more than just one unit… Welcome to the world of Tamari’s Tigers. Following the Pluto Campaign, the Tigers are sent on what seems to be a simple search and retrieval mission – a research base called Alamar Bay – but what they find there is far more than they ever imagined – a base overrun with bugs, a planet swarming with the enemy, and a band of survivors who will kill to save their secret research material. And for Trooper Will Tannen, fresh from boot camp, he finds that things aren’t the same as the recruitment programs, as his friends die around him, his sergeant seems traitorous, and his very life is in jeopardy…

In December 2011, film producer Neal H. Moritz announced plans to produce a reboot of the Starship Troopers film franchise. In November 2016, Columbia and Moritz announced the writing team of Mark Swift and Damian Shannon had been signed to pen the screenplay. Verhoeven expressed skepticism at the proposed remake, citing reports that it draws heavily from the original militaristic 1959 novel.

Near mint, 1st print. Bagged & Boarded.