Starlog Magazine #19 Star Wars TV Holiday Special Cvr Bea Arthur


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Four page Buck Rogers interview with Gil Gerard, four page article on Battlestar Galactica’s Maren Jensen, four page article on the Invasion of the Body Snatchers sequel, five page article on Ralph Bakshi’s animated The Lord of the Rings, four page Roger Corman article, four page Star Wars Holiday Special article with photos from the set (includes a Lumpy, Itchy and Malla pin-up), two page article on the first Superman Movie, eight page article on the SFX that went into Close Encounters of the Third Kind’s Mothership, five page article on Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s book Faeries a Tarzan pin-up by Boris and much more!

Issue has rolling near the spine, might correct itself when stored correctly. Slight yellowing to pages.