Spider-Man Poster #75 Spider-Man 2099 Mike Wieringo


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On Earth-928 the year is 2099. Miguel O’Hara worked as the head of the genetics department for the Alchemax Corporation, specializing in genetic coding and splicing. He toyed with the idea of recreating the powers of the original Spider-Man from years ago. Miguel’s boss, Tyler Stone, secretly got him addicted to the drug Rapture. This highly addictive drug couldn’t be worked out of the body. It was Stone’s way of controlling his employees by offering them the expensive drug in return for their loyalty. Miguel decided to try to genetically cure himself by rewriting his genetic code from a sample he had taken previously. He was being watched by a competitive co-worker Aaron Delgato who attempted to sabotage his experiment by adding a random code into the process. The results cured Miguel but also gave him spider-like powers. Aaron tried to shoot him but he fell from the Alchemax building despite Miguel trying to save him. Soon Tyler sent out a cyborg bounty hunter named Venture to capture him. Miguel fled to his home to escape Venture. Grabbing a costume from a Day of the Dead celebration he fought Venture and won. Miguel began fighting crime and the evil corporate Alchemax as Spider-Man. One of the five images Mike Wieringo completed (Spider-Man Poster #75, Poster #80, Poster #85, Poster #99 and Poster #101), highlighting the various looks and costumes of Spidey!

Near mint condition.