Spider-Man Poster #67 VS Hobgoblin Poster Todd McFarlane


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Jason Macendale became the fourth person to don the costume of the Hobgoblin. After losing fights with Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, Macendale took advantage of the Inferno crisis by following several demons back to their lair and confronting their demonic lord, N’Astirh. Macendale wanted enough power to defeat his enemies, and offered his soul to N’Astirh in exchange for such power. When N’Astirh stopped laughing, the demon lord decided that Macendale’s effrontery was worth something even if his soul wasn’t, and had him possessed. This gave Macendale the physical strength he craved, coupled with superhuman speed and endurance. From 1990‚Ķover 20 years old!

Near mint condition.