Spider-Girl Poster # 3 Ed McGuinness


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Spider-Girl (May “Mayday” Parker) appears in comic books published by Marvel. She has been referred to as both Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman. The character appears in the MC2 universe. The character was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz as the teenage daughter of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson, and first appeared in What If #105. She later acquired her own ongoing comic book, Spider-Girl, written by DeFalco and drawn by Frenz and Pat Olliffe, which was the longest-running superhero book with a lead female character ever published by Marvel before being relaunched.

The character will make her cinematic debut in the 2023 feature film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, with an infant Mayday depicted as the daughter of Peter B. Parker and his universe’s Mary Jane Watson, and an adult Mayday (from a different universe) depicted as a member of Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Forces.

Edward McGuinness is a comic book artist who has worked on books such as Superman, Superman/Batman, Deadpool, and Hulk. His pencil work is frequently inked by Dexter Vines, and as such, their cover work carries the stylized signature “EdEx”. McGuinness frequent collaborator, writer Jeph Loeb, had characterized McGuinness’ art style as incorporating elements of artists Jack Kirby and Arthur Adams.

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