Spawn The Dark Ages # 1 NM Image Glen Fabry Cvr Brian Holguin Liam McCormack-Sharp


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Spawn The Dark Ages (1999) #1
Published Mar 1999 by Image.

Cover by Glenn Fabry and Liam McCormack-Sharp. The Devil’s Knight, script by Brian Holguin, art by Liam McCormack-Sharp; A Hellspawn comes to the English village of Rhyll, looking to find a hint of who he is and what he has become; What he finds instead is gross injustice and a people oppressed by Baron Rivalen; He intervenes in a clash between a common peasant and Rivalin’s captain-at-arms, Guy DuBlanc, and slices up the vain man’s face; He then approaches a crumbling castle that seems familiar where he is greeted by a garrulous stranger. 36 pgs., full color.

Near mint condition. 1st print.