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Spawn Blood and Shadows (1999) #1
Published Jun 1999 by Image.

For the first time ever – a Spawn Annual! It’s taken all this time to find a story that deserves the special treatment that an annual provides. A story named “Spawn: Blood & Shadows” that truly deserves to be set apart. Paul Jenkins and Ashley Wood combine to bring you a story that gives new insight into Spawn’s world. Why does Spawn find himself drawn to a specific alley? Why does one of the tenement buildings in that alley attract the lost souls of the city? What is Spawn’s role with the people that surround him? An annual used to mean something special. A turning point in a character’s life. A story that couldn’t be told in 24 pages. Something for fans to get excited about. Spawn Annual #1 is something special! Written by Paul Jenkins. Art and cover by Ashley Wood. 64 pages, FC.


Near mint condition. 1st print.