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Slowpoke: Cafe Pompous Paperback
by Jen Sorensen (Illustrator)

Xeric Award-winning Slowpoke: Café Pompous collects the first two years of Jen Sorensen’s alternative newsweekly strip, Slowpoke. Jam-packed with gags, Slowpoke tackles the absurdities of present-day American life with rib-tickling gusto. Uptight Mr. Perkins, jaded Little Gus, and horny Drooly Julie provide a witty commentary on the politics and culture of our times.

Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Alternative Comics

“Jen Sorensen is a terrific cartoonist!” – Peter Bagge – Hate.

“it’s a riot and a half…almost every joke is hysterically funny. Sorensen’s art is simple and perfect…” – Greg McElhatton – iCOMICS.

Intelligent, well-written, hilarious, and original, Ms. Sorensen creates a collection of political comics strips that provoke thought and tickle the funny bone. If you enjoy political satire, Slowpoke is the book to purchase.

SLOWPOKE is one of the very best weekly alternative newspaper strips availible. Unfortunately for people like me, it doesn’t appear in any papers near by. THANKfully, this little book gives me a dose of those near-manic cartoons that I can refer to whenever life’s getting too serious. Drooly Julie, one of the principles of SLOWPOKE is one of the best newspaper strip characters in recent memory. Her almost senseless lust for all things male is a relief to those fed up with the idea that women are somehow “purer” than men (particularly in the S-E-X department). Comedy gold.

Near mint, 1st print.