Saga #43 NM Fiona Staples Brian K Vaughan 1st print Image



Saga #43
Published May 2017 by Image
Writer Brian K. Vaughan
Art and Cover Fiona Staples

NEW STORY ARC BEGINS!!! Hazel and her star-crossed parents embark on a thrilling new adventure at the westernmost edge of the universe.

28 pages, full color.

Saga #43 feels like both a continuation of the painfully morbid #42 the story dropped us off a cliff with, and a jumping on point for new fans as there is a brief “the story thus far” actually in the comic itself. It is a hard reboot, in the narrative as well. The characters feel like they are starting over, in varying degrees of despair or loss when the story begins.

Because this is a Saga book, the art is crisp and inventive and outright amazing. Staples almost never disappoints and this book is no exception. Alana is the cowgirl facing badass we didn’t know we needed, but we absolutely do. She’s drawn so natural in this weird setting (along with her colorful zebra horse, thing…whatever). Overall, it all looks great. Not only are the character models sharp and familiar, but she does so much with facial expressions and mannerisms with such little room to do it.

Alana’s journey to take care of her condition, the overt (read: wonderful) politics of Abortion Town (yes, Abortion Town) are both funny and hugely relevant to our current political landscape. The flashback of who and how they survived the planet that was devoured, in addition to Hazel’s continued education and maturity are all fascinating, A+ stuff.

Petrichor is revealed to be transgender when Hazel, the curious child that she is, asks her about her penis. Petrichor’s response is pitch perfect, speaking about objectification, feelings of others making them feel illegitimate, etc.

A surprising and enjoyable issue showing our heroes in new light. No matter the circumstances, its still really good to have Saga back.


Near mint condition, 1st printing.