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Robocop (2003 Avatar) #4B

Published Dec 2003 by Avatar
Wraparound cover by Ryp
Story by Frank Miller
Scripting by Steven Grant
Art by Juan Jose Ryp
Full Color , 32pg (4 of 9)

The Robo-action continues with more pure-Frank Miller insanity! OCP has cut the cops down to size, turned Robocop’s programming totally insane, and has mad assault teams dealing out lethal force on the streets! But these are all just small pieces in the far bigger game of the luscious lolita Doctor Love… This series continues to take the original Frank Miller Robocop story and faithfully adapt it into comics form by Steven Grant in order to capture every bit of the frenzied flavor that Miller wants with lavishly detailed artwork by Juan Jose Ryp.

Now that OCP has cut down their police force they have also reprogrammed RoboCop which is causing him to go insane.

In 1988, after the success of “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel, Frank Miller was contacted by producer Jon Davison about writing a sequel to RoboCop. Miller enthusiastically accepted the offer, eager to make an impression in Hollywood the way he had in comics the past decade. Miller’s screenplay was regarded as a perfect follow-up to the original; filled with dark humour, socio-political commentary, and graphic violence.

However, the realities of the Hollywood studio system soon became apparent to Miller. Although he enjoyed being handsomely paid for his contributions, he lamented the fact that he was bombarded by notes from studio execs telling him that his script was “unfilmable”. His script was drastically re-written into what became RoboCop 2. Even when his tenure as screenwriter was officially over, Miller showed up on set everyday, eager to learn all about the movie-making process from start-to-finish. He was even given a cameo as “Frank the chemist”. The final product was lamented by critics, audiences, and even the actors involved. His original screenplay for RoboCop 2 took on an almost “urban legend” status as fans wondered about “what could have been.”

William Christensen was interested in producing a comic adaptation of Miller’s “lost” screenplay, of which he possessed a copy. Christensen soon got in contact with Miller, who was enthusiastic about the idea of his story finally being told uncensored.

The series was personally overseen by Miller, based on his own unused screenplay for the film RoboCop 2 and notes of unused ideas for RoboCop 3; however, scheduling prohibited him from personally writing the comic adaptation or illustrating it. It was written by Steven Grant, a long-time acquaintance of Miller’s who had written the comic adaptation of RoboCop 3 for Dark Horse Comics. Juan Jose Ryp, best known for illustrating the Avatar comic Another Suburban Romance (written by Alan Moore), became the title’s illustrator while Miller drew covers.

The success of RoboCop created a franchise comprising the sequels RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3, children’s animated series, multiple live-action television shows, video games, comic books, toys, clothing, and other merchandise. A reboot, also called RoboCop, was released in 2014. A direct sequel to the original 1987 film, tentatively titled RoboCop Returns, is in development as of 2020; it ignores other entries in the series. Since its release, the film has been analyzed for themes including the nature of humanity, personal identity, corporate greed, and corruption, and is seen as a rebuke of the policies of Ronald Reagan.

RoboCop Returns is an upcoming film, intended to be a direct sequel to RoboCop (1987).

In January 2018, it was reported that a film was being written by Edward Neumeier, intended to be a sequel to the 1987 film, ignoring the subsequent films in the franchise.

In July, it was reported that Neill Blomkamp was attached to direct RoboCop Returns, with Justin Rhodes rewriting a script originally penned by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, who are to serve as producers.

In November, it was reported that Peter Weller was not interested in reprising the titular role. However, the following April, Weller disclosed that he was in talks to be in the film, stating, “If the money is right, I’ll do anything with RoboCop.”

In August, Blomkamp announced he had stepped down from the film. In November, it was announced that Blomkamp had been replaced by Abe Forsythe.

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