Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter 2 NM Valiant Jim Shooter John Ostrander Lee Weeks


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Predator vs. Magnus Robot Fighter (1992) #2

Published Dec 1992 by Dark Horse/Valiant.

Written by Jim Shooter and John Ostrander. Art by Lee Weeks. A Predator stalks North Am 4001, searching for his most prized trophy — the X-O Manowar helmet. The stolen trophy has fallen into the hands of a certain Goph, a man called Magnus, whose steel-mashing strength has earned him the title Robot Fighter — thus the stage is set for the battle of the 41st century! Valiant and Dark Horse combine their resources to produce the spectacular conclusion to this exciting face-off! Predator faces Robot Fighter — and only one will walk away. Don’t miss this historic match-up! 32 pages, FC.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 30 years, one owner!