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Night Driver Teaser Edition (2006) #0B
Published Jul 2006 by Moonstone
By John Cork, Christopher Mills, Christopher LaGasse, & Attila Adorjany

Comics and film collide in the first co-venture between Moonstone and film publisher CinemaGrafix; a bold new approach from the producer of the film, Menace II Society!

Traveling salesman Hurdis Jones is an ordinary man on an uneventful trip through the midwest, until he gives a seriously ill hitchhiker a ride to the hospital. That’s when he starts getting pounding headaches… and bizarre hallucinations… and the feeling like he’s being followed… and having blackouts… and stumbling upon all those mutilated bodies… A dedicated family man, all Hurdis wants to do is To make it home, but his journey becomes impossibly long and fraught with horror.

Written by screenwriter John Cork (The Long Walk Home), give this full-color teaser issue a try!

Moonstone Books and CinemaGraphix Entertainment will publish graphic novel The Night Driver in July. The Night Driver is written by screenwriter (The Long Walk Home) and author (Bond Girls Are Forever) John Cork and adapted by comic writer Christopher Mills (Femme Noir, Gravedigger: The Scavengers), with art by Christopher LaGasse.

The project reflects the continuing cross-pollination of the comics and film worlds. The principals of CinemaGraphix Entertainment are Ed Polgardy, an Emmy Award-winning producer-director, screenwriter-producer, and comic writer and editor (BIG, Defiant); and writer-producer director Darin Scott (Menace II Society, Tales from the Hood). CinemaGraphix will produce both comic and film material. Polgardy described the process. ‘Darin and I realized we had a wealth of ideas that would be terrific in both the film and comics arenas, probably a lot more of them than we would ever have time to produce as movies,’ he said. In most cases, it takes years to get a feature film made, but far less time to create a graphic novel, so this was the perfect venue for us to launch our stories.’

The Night Driver tells the story of the events following an accident in which a traveling salesman hits a mysterious stranger with his car.

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