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Mr. Stuffins (2009 Boom Studios) New Edition #1B
Published Apr 2009 by Boom Studios

Cover by David Petersen
Written by Andrew Cosby,and Johanna Stokes
Art by Axel Medellin.

‘My teddy bear’s a secret agent!’ When a scientist succeeds in creating Artificial Intelligence, he discovers to his horror that the government plans on making it a weapon. On the run, he hides the program inside a mechanical toy bear. An unsuspecting family buys the toy bear and a little boy discovers a new best friend – a cute, cuddly toy bear who’s got all the moves of James Bond! Chaos, fun, and mayhem ensue, from the Eureka creator Andrew Cosby and writer Johanna Stokes! All over the country, the original edition of Mr. Stuffins #1 has sold out at convention after convention as fans asked, ‘When will issue #2 come out?’ Well, true believer, the bear is back in a completely re-drawn and re-colored first issue with all new art from hot newcomer Axel Medellin, Cover price $3.99.

From the creator and writer of the smash hit TV show EUREKA comes MR. STUFFINS!

“Mr. Stuffins is a summer action flick. Only one that’s, you know, cute as all get-out, and will make you want to hug the stuffing out of it. With admirable economy of form, Cosby and Stokes lay out the stakes, ratchet up the tension, and let their cuddly button-eyed hero unleash holy ursine hell on the bad guys.” — NPR

When a scientist finds out that the AI he’s created wasn’t for the Department of Defense like he thought, but is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, he trashes most of his work and downloads the main program before he sets out on the lam from the people he was working for. With the threat of being caught imminent, the scientist stashes the AI in a Mr. Stuffins bear (a mechanical bear that sings and tells stories to the children who own them). A young boy having a rough time at home and school ends up bringing the Mr. Stuffins with a massive upgrade home, and that’s when the real fun and danger begins.

Holy crap. This has to be, without a doubt, the best comic I’ve read from BOOM! since I started reading their comics. Talk about hitting every awesome button there is! Mr. Stuffins is a highly trained killer teddy bear, corrupt government peoples trying to use AI for bad purposes, and an opening scene that was straight out of Innerspace!

The writing is snappy, with witty banter being tossed back and forth between the kid (Zach) and Mr. Stuffins. So good, in fact, that sometimes I forget that Zach is supposed to be a nine year old kid (to be fair, I’m not around a lot of nine year olds, so their conversations with talking teddy bears could potentially be this sophisticated). The handling of the broken family and troubled school life for Zach even works here. It makes you understand why he goes along with the fact that Mr. Stuffins has literally come to life instead of finding an old priest and a young priest to fix the bear’s issues. Fast paced is a great way to describe it. Usually with a first issue, it’s hard to get the reader hooked fast and hard. Most of the time there’s just barely enough of something (the writing, pacing, art) in a first issue that makes you reserve full judgement until you’ve read a few more. This one pretty much had me at the cover.

The art works with the story very well. It’s not my usual taste in comic art, but the first panel with Mr. Stuffins scowling to life is priceless. All the characters have features that are distinctly their own and you can tell them apart from each other. Machain even does a great job with the backgrounds and settings, and that’s something I’ve noticed being left out of a lot of comics I read now.

Bottom line on this one, the comic is fun and who couldn’t use more fun in life nowadays? Plus, if you had a Teddy Ruxpin when you were a kid like I did, this fills so many childhood fantasies of your beloved teddy bear coming to life and kicking some major ass for you.

Near mint, 1st print.