Marvel Comics Monsters Poster #24 The Scarecrow by Gil Kane Dead of Night 11


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Ebenezer Laughton was born in Rhinebeck, New York. Raised by an abusive mother who was alternately viciously cruel and extremely kind to him, Laughton became a circus escape artist and contortionist, and while working as a carnival performer once helped Iron Man apprehend a fleeing culprit. However, he decided to make his profit in crime and became an accomplished burglar and professional thief. He mostly worked alone — except for a flock of trained crows which served as carriers and killers. Laughton is a highly apted contortionist and is extremely flexible and agile due to heavy training. The Scarecrow is double-jointed and can fit his body through any aperture at least one foot wide. He is therefore able to escape from conventional locks and chains, and to perform various acrobatic stunts. Scarecrow is also a trained acrobat, escapologist and tumbler. He is also a master at training birds. He often carries a pitchfork as a weapon. He has a flock of two dozen pet crows, which he has taught to perform a variety of actions in response to his hand gestures and tones of voice. At his command, the crows will attack and kill the victims he designates. The crows have been trained to attack anyone who rushes at the Scarecrow or points a gun at him. They are trained to carry off jewels, valuables, and anything else at which the Scarecrow points. As a result of surgical implants given to him by doctors employed by the Firm, the Scarecrow’s body produces a mutated pheromone that affects the adrenal glands of people and higher animals (even crows) within twenty feet of him, causing a sensory overload which triggers a panic attack. The same pheromone affects the Scarecrow’s own adrenal system, giving him superhuman strength and stamina. When the Scarecrow was raised from the dead by the sorcerer Stern, he was able to induce fear in his victims, and could survive and quickly recover from any injury he sustained when in the presence in the fear of others, even injuries that would be fatal to normal human beings.

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