Last Defenders 1 NM Marvel 2008 Colossus She-Hulk 1st print Joe Casey Muniz


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Last Defenders (2008) #1
Published May 2008 by Marvel.

Written by JOE CASEY.
Pencils by JIM MUNIZ.

At long last, the team book you’ve been waiting for! The return of the Defenders! (no trademark infringement here!) And look who’s on the team: The mutant Colossus! The sensational She-Hulk! The unpredicatable Blazing Skull! An all-new lineup led by the enigmatic Nighthawk! Injected into the heart of the modern Marvel Universe, the Defenders have been reformed to serve a specific policital purpose…but is there a greater destiny in store for this crew? It’s hi-octane superheroics mainlined right into your fanboy brain! 32 PGS.

Near mint, 1st print.