Lady Death Poster # 6 vs Lucifer by Mike Deodato Jr


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In time Lucifer got bored of his monotonous rule. When Matthias arrived at Hell and he was followed by his daughter, Lucifer taught Hope how she could gain power in Hell, and she became Lady Death. Matthias had managed to gather himself a formidable army and went to war with Lucifer. Matthias lost, but Lucifer wanted to amuse himself by pretending that Matthias won, and took his form. He didn’t manage to hold it long though, as Lady Death came to kill her father and saw through Lucifer’s illusion. Lucifer and Lady Death fought, and again Lucifer pretended that he lost. Then he cursed Lady Death that she couldn’t walk on earth when there is anyone live there. That curse influenced Lady Death to seek megadeath on Earth.

Near mint condition.