Johnny Dynamite Underworld TP Max Allan Collins AiT/PlanetLar 1st print NM


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Johnny Dynamite TPB (2003 AIT/Planet Lar)
Published Mar 2003 by AIT/Planet Lar.

1st printing. Collects Johnny Dynamite (1994 Dark Horse) #1-4.

Written by Max Allan Collins.
Art by Terry Beatty.

The Wild Man from Chicago! He’s rough! He’s tough! He’s Johnny Dynamite! A two- fisted private eye from the Windy City, Johnny’s back – along with his best gal, and faithful secretary, Judy Kane – in a psychotronic/occult/period piece fighting zombies with crime on their undead minds! By the writer of Road To Perdition and sporting an all-new painted cover by Terry Beatty!

Softcover, 144 pages, B&W.

Fans of Road to Perdition, Ms. Tree, Quarry or other works of Collins will enjoy the hard boiled style in this Faust meets Mike Hammer story. Dynamite (a Peter Morisi creation from the forties now owned by Dick Tracy and Batman scribe Collins) is a Mike Hammer knockoff (or tribute depending on your opinion). A hard boiled detective who loves the ladies and lays waste to the bad guys in Chicago. Until one of the baddies come back from the grave…

Fans of the Ms. Tree comic series (the longest running detective comic without a cape) will notice the clean art of Terry Beatty (lately of the animated Batman comics). I highly recommended this book for it’s fun and fast paced action, as I do all of Beatty and Collins work. It’s comics as they should be-enjoyable.

Collects Johnny Dynamite 1-4. Near mint, 1st print.