Iron Man Poster #57 Repulsor Tech by Brandon Peterson


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Repulsor beams are the type of arsenal that uses particle beam technology to repel the opponent away as well as leaving burns,mortal wounds, and even gaping holes. All models of Iron man’s suits have had repulsors integrated within the palms. These are the primary offensive weapons in any of the Iron Man armors. These powerful weapons of concussive force or constructed by the use of micro-circuitry.Repulsors are mentally controlled by electronic nerve functions located in Iron Man’s helmet. Iron Man’s helmet has a HUD and a AI response server, he uses the HUD to look at the options pertaining to the functions of suit he then sends a “thought” to the AI Response Server that acts on his demands as well as on his suit. Of course those attributes or associated to the earlier versions of his suits. Now newer suits such as the Prometheum A.K.A. Tin Man (Mark XXIV) suit and the Extremis armor (Preferably the Extremis armor) have a direct cybernetic interface system that acts upon Tony’s brain by the use of the cybernetic connections of Stark’s armor.

Near mint condition.