Iron Man Poster #29 The Futurist by Eric Canete


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I’m a FUTURIST, Jen! I could see what was coming. Chaos, death, destruction. And I FIXED it. Whether you know it or not, I SAVED the world! – Tony Stark. In recent years, Tony Stark has increasingly described himself as a “futurist.” Some commentators believe that he is not using this its word in its normative sense. When Stark calls himself a futurist, he expresses his belief that he can not only predict future trends, but that he can also shape the future. Toward this end, Stark has his intellect, his wealth, and his status to change national and world policy in key areas, particularly with regards to defense and superhero policy. Not everyody is happy with what he is doing. During the Marvel’s “Civil War” company-wide crossover event, Iron Man justified his support for the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA) by explaining that, as a futurist, he could see that superhero registration was inevitible and that if he didn’t help guide government policies for governing superheroes, then there would be disastrous repercussions. Many people, particularly those who opposed the SHRA, believe that Stark’s own policies have had disastrous effects, not the least of which is the assassination of Stark’s long-time friend Steve Rogers (Captain America) while Rogers was in federal custody falling his surrender at the end of the Civil War.

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