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Intimidators (2005) #1
Published Dec 2005 by Image.

created & co-plotted by JIM VALENTINO
written by NEIL KLEID
art & cover by MIGUEL MONTENEGRO

America’s domestic strike force, the Intimidators, handle next level threats that send average heroes screaming for their mommies! When their latest mission rockets Astroman – a goody-two-shoes sixties superhero – into the twenty-first century, the government assigns him to marshal Crash, Byrn, Limit, Fetish and Firepower – a group whose morals he objects to and methods he can’t condone. In a world beset by robot mafia, killer models and Republicans, Astroman struggles to make heroes out of a team to whom killing’s just part of the day. They, of course, can’t wait to see him try.

Near mint, 1st print.