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Incredibles (2004) # 1

Published Nov 2004 by Dark Horse.

Expect the Incredible! Adapted from a script by BRAD BIRD (W), RICARDO CURTIS (P), and RAMON PEREZ (I) FC, 32pg. The city of Municiberg was once protected by many heroes, but its main champion was the ultra-strong Mr. Incredible?who always worked alone. But things went awry for Mr. Incredible and the rest of the Supers when they were hit with a series of lawsuits brought by those they once saved. To diffuse the situation, the government created a relocation program for the Supers?who, in exchange for an end to the lawsuits, went into hiding and promised never to use their powers again. Now, Mr. Incredible is simply Bob Parr, living the suburban life with his wife Helen, and their three children. However, family life and the daily nine-to-five routine aren’t enough for Bob, who frequently sneaks out to do “hero work” in the evenings. Bob’s inability to move on from past glories soon puts a strain on his home life. But one day things take an unexpected turn when Bob is contacted by a mysterious woman who recruits him for some top-secret hero work… ? Adapted from The Incredibles, a Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film.

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