Hulk & Thing Hard Knocks 2 NM Bruce Jones Jae Lee 1st print Fantastic Four


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HULK & THING: HARD KNOCKS (2004) #2 “Truth Hurts” Writer: Bruce Jones, Pencils and cover: Jae Lee. “HARD KNOCKS” PART 2 (OF 4) It’s clobbering ti–OOF! Bruce Jones and superstar artist Jae Lee bring you round two between Marvel’s two most powerful sluggers. Think you know everything about the unique relationship between this pair? Guess again. Hulk and Thing trade a couple of blows and then go back inside the cafe where Ben resumes telling his story. He now moves on to events which occurred in Fantastic Four Vol 1 #12 and claims that he won that fight the first time the two of them encountered each other. Hulk denies this so Ben presents him with a shocking photograph of the Hulk lying unconscious at Ben’s feet.

Near mint, 1st print. Bag&Board, Been sitting boxed for 20 years, one owner!