Hulk Poster #70 Thundra/Hulk Daughter Lyra/She-Hulk Alex Garner


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She-Hulk (Lyra) is a superheroine appearing in Marvel Comics. She is from an alternate future of Marvel’s main timeline, and is the daughter of that reality’s Thundra and the 616 Hulk.

In a calm state, Lyra possesses vast superhuman strength, which she is able to enhance further through a meditative fighting-trance (that also greatly enhances her sensory perception of her surroundings), as well as superhuman stamina, durability, agility and speed.

Although comparable to Colossus for example, even when at her peak, Lyra possesses less raw power than the base/calm level of the original She-Hulk. Unlike her father, Hulk, Lyra actually becomes weaker rather than stronger when she gets angry. She still maintains super-human strength, with her lowest strength being equivalent to that of Spider-Man. This was done by her Femizon creators, as a fail-safe way to keep her from turning on them. Her father had injected her with power-inhibiting or modifying S.P.I.N. technology that negated the weakness, allowing her to transform into a nonpowered human state at will and turn into her Hulk form when angry like the rest of her family. However, this alternation was only temporary and her powers had returned to the way they were when she joined The Defenders.

Lyra developed a technique that enables her to fight in a trance-like meditative state when she is completely calm and at peace. Through her practice, Lyra can feel minute traces of gamma rays in every human being and use them to heighten her perception and reflexes, and in this state apparently possesses higher fighting skill than any of her other family members, being able to single-handedly summarily defeat the entire team of Norman Osborn’s “Dark Avengers”, with the exception of the Sentry.

Lyra can leap over 600 feet upwards, and 1000 feet across. She also possesses an immunity to the Venom symbiote—which she calls the “black bloom”—due to a vaccination injected when she was a child.

Thanks to her upbringing she is an expert fighter and killer with experience fighting super powered humans as well as military types. She is also familiar with a wide variety of future tech and knows a lot of future history which, despite her best efforts, seems to be unfolding the way she was taught it did.

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