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Civil War: Heroes For Hire Trade Paperback
by Justin Gray (Author), Jimmy Palmiotti (Author), Billy Tucci (Illustrator)

As Civil War rages throughout the Marvel Universe, an unlikely group of heroes have gathered together to hunt down and capture criminals who refuse to sign the Registration Act. In response to the overwhelming number of masked fugitives on the loose, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing use their bail-bonds skills, underworld connections and government funding to lead an all-new Heroes for Hire into battle. Action, adventure, crime, beautiful women and Kung Fu chaos come together in this explosive new saga from writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Billy Tucci! Featuring Black Cat; Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu; Paladin; Misty Knight; Colleen Wing; and the all-new Tarantula.

Collects Heroes for Hire #1-5.

Publisher Marvel
Paperback 120 pages
ISBN-13 978-0785123620
Weight 8.8 ounces
Dimensions 6.5 x 0.25 x 10 inches

This title starts out as a Civil War tie-in, as the group is hired by Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) to help bring in villains who have refused to register their identities under the new superhero legislation. Misty and Colleen, with their long history, form the core of the group, and before long they’re pulling sting operations and dealing with the usual bad guy issues – until they come upon a lab that is full of altered Skrull organs (for those new to the Marvel Universe, Skrulls are green, shape-shifting, imperialist aliens) and one of their enemies, Ricadonna, escapes from Sing-Sing. There’s also an entertaining run-in with Marvel’s formerly most-wanted fugitive, Captain America.


Near mint condition, 1st print. Collects Heroes for Hire 1-5. More pictures in description.