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Hellboy Weird Tales (2003) #3

Published Jun 2003 by Dark Horse.

ALEX MALEEV, MATT HOLLINGSWORTH, SARA RYAN, STEVE LIEBER, WILLIAM STOUT, and others cover by ALEX MALEEV. FC, 32pg. Dark Horse continues its run of some of the wildest and most harrowing Hellboy stories ever told in this all-star tribute to comics’ greatest demonic hero. Alex Maleev and Matt Hollingsworth (from Marvel Knight’s monthly Daredevil) tell the scariest devil-child story since Rosemary’s Baby. Sara Ryan and Steve Lieber (Oni’s Whiteout, Batman) follow suit with a terrific tale of a family with the worst kind of unwanted guest. Featuring a pin-up from William Stout, the most star-studded series in comics spins out the most bizarre stories yet.

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