Hellboy Poster # 8 BPRD Phil Noto Abe Sapien Liz Sherman


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Abraham “Abe” Sapien is a character in Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola. He takes his name from “Icthyo sapiens,” the fanciful species designation chosen for him by his colleagues in the 19th-century Oannes Club, and from Abraham Lincoln, on whose assassination date the Oannes Club abandoned Abe’s body, leaving only a cryptic note as explanation, in a suspended animation tank beneath a Washington D.C. hospital. He is occasionally referred to as a fishman or merman. In the Hellboy film series Liz has a romantic relationship with Hellboy, becoming pregnant with his twin children. However, in the Hellboy comic books Liz and Hellboy are just friends; there is no hint of a romantic relationship between the two of them and she is more like a little sister than a girlfriend.

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