Go Boy 7 Pin-up # 1 Mark Nelson


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Go Boy 7! A mysterious plane crash claims the life of Jonny Zero’s parents and leaves him critically injured. Enter Professor Zero, Jonny’s uncle, who uses his experimental robotic nonplasm to rebuild the boy. Jonny is transformed into Go Boy 7, the human action machine!

Mark A. Nelson (born 1953) is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games and comic books. Nelson’s style has been described as “carefully articulated”. Nelson who served as the interior and cover artist for the original 6-issue Aliens miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics from 1988-1989 (aka Aliens: Book 1 or Aliens: Outbreak in reprints). Nelson’s incredibly detailed and atmospheric work was originally presented in black and white, but was later colored for subsequent reprintings. Nelson would also go on to work on a number of other Aliens stories, after ward, raising his number to 6 Aliens comics releases in total.

Near mint condition.