G.I. Joe Poster # 9 Cobra Viper by Tim Seeley GI Energon Universe


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The Vipers are the backbone of the Cobra legions. The Cobra infantry troopers are issued a combination assault rifle/grenade launcher, with an advanced night vision/telescopic sight and range finder. Multi-layered body armor and composite helmets with built in commo gear are also standard issue. Vipers are superbly trained, formidably equipped and highly motivated, because they know that if you want to get anywhere in Cobra, you need to start out as the bottom of the pyramid. Vipers can then opt for additional training, which enables them to be transferred to specialized units, focusing on specific military occupational specialties. These units are considered elite, and are constantly examined for effectiveness, some being renamed and reorganized, absorbed into other units, or sometimes completely phased out. Some units even customize their chain of command, allowing for unique Viper designations with distinct leaders. G.I. Joe head to the small town of Delhi Hills for some R&R. Expecting a quiet weekend of rest and relaxation, they soon discover that the local tavern they are visiting is actually an underground meeting hall for Cobra sleeper agents.

Near mint condition.